Top 10 Books on DILLI!


Theme - Dilli - Delhi - Indraprastha 
Venue - The Stainless Gallery , Okhla , New Delhi
Time - 11 AM

Hear people speak about their favorite Book on Delhi and you speak about yours. The book could be a Fictional piece, a mythological piece or even a historical book. Anything that is magical or not so much about the City we love or love to hate. Here’s your chance.

Clueless about what to read? Here’s a quick list from the DBC Members –

  1. Twilight in Delhi – Ahmed Ali
  2. The Last Mughals – William Dalrymple
  3. Adventure in a Mega City – Sam Miller
  4. Delhi : A Novel – Khushwant Singh
  5. City of Djinns – William Dlarymple
  6. Delhi It’s Monuments and History
  7. Capital: The Eruption of Delhi – Rana Dasgupta
  8. Besieged: Voices from Delhi 1857 – Mahmood Farooqi
  9. Unsettling Memories – Emma Tarlo
  10. Perpetual City – A short Biography of Delhi – Malvika Singh

Here are our top Ten – Any we missed out. Shout and let us know. and catch us on 21st April at 11 AM at Stainless Gallery. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful gallery which will house us.




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