Current Read

Theme - No Theme
Venue - To be Decided.
Date - 27th May 2018 , Sunday
Time - 10:45 AM

Ok so the Club has had a few busy months and now its time to do some reading for the fun of it. After all, that’s the reason for the club anyway. So this time No theme. Let’s just have good cup of coffee and a relaxing conversations.

Also, It’s time to review our Reading challenges that we all ambitiously made starting of 2018. Where exactly have we reached? Are we there yet? Will we ? Wont We?

And I got myself the Penguin Modern Set and I am going to be getting the same along for all to see. It would be great to see , touch feel the product before actually buying it. So here is my set.

Uff, so much to share and such little time and space. So well, Also there is going to be an Uber exciting news for new authors, people with a flair for writing and people with stories in their heart. Great Collaboration in store with a youthful zingy Publishing house. Anthology anyone? 🙂

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