Book Reviews

Beyond my Blinkers – Subir Adhicary

By Aakanksha Kulkarni


I am a judgmental, cynical reader. I judge books on their cover, color combination, feel of flipping the book, font size, font type – blame it on the Designer Architect brain! So well I did the same with Beyond my Blinkers. Why is there a texture on the cover , it’s taking away from the main illustration, the main illustration – why the color. Oh I shouldn’t have picked up the book – I don’t like the font of the author name at all. And the biggest litmus test of all – random page flipping and random reading of a paragraph out of context. Well the book failed on all counts.

Thank god, for overtime I have become a mature reader, so as to understand that even Maugham used to take up the entire book to get to the end to impress, hence I thought of giving the book a shot. Subir Adhicary and his book does surprise and not shock. The book is a collection of anecdotes from the author’s life, that he puts forth in a lighter tone. It reminds me of Mother Pious Lady by Santosh Desai. What Desai did vis a vis India is what Adhicary tries to do in his book For Delhi and a few other parts of the country.

Author’s writing style is conversational. He writes like we talk, but I don’t think the author was trying to create a literary masterpiece of impeccable language or writing style. It helps make the book very easy to understand and read. He writes about things that all of us face and gives it a simple humorous touch. Now who doesn’t want to lighten up the life we all lead. To give you an example –

“ No no, Sir,’ I protested vehemently. “It’s not Krishna’s Dwarka. It is the DDA’s Dwarka. A living hell, Sir. No Water, no streetlights, no multiples, no security, no hospital. Only chain snatching, car jacking, promises and taxes,’I said. And you claimed to have stayed there for the last five years? ‘Yama Asked, with apparent awe and astonishment. ‘Yes, My Lord.,’I managed to say. Yama thought about this. Then, he said, ‘ Well as you have already served your time in hell, you need not revisit it’  

He has such gems throughout the book, in all his stories. Though he gives his audience very less credit for their brains, at a lot of points I feel he overexplains the joke or simplifies it too much. One would surely want to know the reason why ? Though his conversational style and the kind of book that he has written justifies it.Regardless, he makes you smile on a lazy Sunday and peps you up. It almost seems as if one is hanging out with friends over a cup of coffee and talking of life, things and vikings!

Overall a real fun read. The book is the result of wisdom attained by one who knows the joys of observing the world from a distance, if only at an arms length.

Delightfully carefree, but always very perceptive.

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