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The Stranger in the Woods – Michael Finkel

By Vidurr Sharrma

Michael Finkel

The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by author Michael Finkel.

Is a story of a man who at the age of 20 suddenly disappeares into the woods. “One day, just another day, Christopher Knight drove his car gave up and then his legs drove him to the jungle.”

Christopher Knight disappeared in the woods of rural Maine shortly after completing his graduation from high school & spent his next 27 years in the forest until he was caught by police. Nobody knows why he did that, why he exiled himself from society, why he did not want to be the part of world, to have family!

The story majorly narrates with elucidating his daily struggles for food, how he managed to break into houses to steal food and all the essentials he needs to survive in the tough jungle. His life was complete isolation and he was literally prepared to live in the woods and die in the woods. Unfortunate for him, in one of his acts of break Ins into camp sites, his hour of luck ran out and he was arrested. As he was quite famous for his regular heists, the story spread like a fire and this is how journalist Michael Finkel came in contact with Knight and ultimately it led to the writing of this book.

I really admire the hardwork which the author has  pulled in to collect Knight’s whole experience in the woods – showing us a different side of a life where a man left all the social pleasures and lived in complete isolation.

Well recommended ! 4 stars.